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This is a straightforward, practical guide that will put you on the right path...  You will look back and think, why wasn't there something like this when I started taking lessons-or 'I know enough, who needs this?  Well, we both found you here, so there was a little glimmer of hope, a wanting to change, and the desire to grow still left with a question mark...


I am going to turn your passion into a living, breathING, ROARING fire.    I want to share my knowledge of what passion feels like and how to bring it about.  So,  JOIN me in the quest of finding out where your passion comes from- and together let's discover the indefinite journey of practice.  

In the preceding pages within the walls of this guide, I will help you refocus your mind so you can turn PRACTICING into a more enjoyable part of the process, and interestingly, while you're not even thinking about it, you will.... 

  • DISCOVER why it takes you so long to learn a simple melody.  In a few short weeks you may find yourself practicing without even having to think about it! 

  • LEARN how you can become more efficient at absorbing what you practice- just by breaking up the song you are working on into sections, rather than pages.

  • REALIZE  that by running your own race, you can have complete control over what you play and how long it takes to learn arrangements.  

  • Discover new ways to attack the arrangements you are working on- through TRUE AND TRIED methods that worked for me and I KNOW will work for you.  I offer simple, down to earth advice...and once you apply some of these strategies, ANYTHING can be done....ANY song of your choice is within your reach!

There are 5 categories up for you to learn from.  Each is divided by skill level and more importantly, the time and dedication you give to the art of the piano will vastly effect your level of success.

The idea for this site came to me as I realized that JUST by practicing, other than learning the basic fundamentals of the piano...


The way we behave in the world is effected, those who play become MASTERFUL at multitasking- it eases arthritis pain, stretches out the hands, and does wonders for memory losss. Let's take a look at MORE ways we can benefit from learning to play...


  • playing piano IMPROVES brain power...

  • Your reaction time increases...

  • You absorb TWICE as much compared to a person who doesn't play. 

  • This is especially great for young adults who want to take up the piano, but don't have enough will power to look past the rocks thrown their way. 

  • Young adults up to college level and beyond, as well as Middle school and Highschool aged are all within the scope of what Engulfurpassion has in store for the world.  And trust me- the list doesn't stop there.  I have a few videos explaining in detail some of the benefits as well....


It enhances everything else in your life,  is a great way to boost your mood and it's great for when you want to do some serious brainstorming.  Some of my BEST ideas came from my practice sessions!

I said to myself, "If I can get fired up on the bench, why not help the thousands to millions of pianists around the world do the same?"   Why not create a way to help others see what I see...


  • to become ENGULFED in flames and FIREPROOF their TALENT

It doesn't matter WHERE you are on  your journey, you will learn ways to bloom-right from where you are! 


  • EXCELLING is what we do here, and CLIMGING HIGH is how we DO it!

So, why not unpack it for engulfurpassion.com and become the piano player that you've strived for when you first took up lessons?  I'll see you on the other side!