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Welcome to Engulfurpassion.

This is a straightforward, practical guide that will help put you on the right path... by becoming a member of engulfurpassion, you will surpass even the early to intermediate players who as well as many others, never had the chance to learn these time tested strategies.  

If you give me a chance, I will try to turn your passion into a living, breathING, ROARING fire.    I want to share my knowledge of what passion feels like and how to bring it about. 


In the preceding pages within the walls of this guide, I will help you refocus your mind so you can turn PRACTICING into a more enjoyable part of the process, and interestingly, while you're not even thinking about it, you will... 

  • DISCOVER why it takes you so long to learn a simple melody.

  • LEARN how you can become more efficient at absorbing what you practice.

  • REALIZE  that by running your own race, you can have complete control over your success.

  • Find new ways to attack the arrangements you are working on.

If you are tired of learning the piano the old fashioned way, and are fed up with missing key notes during a lesson, then you will want to listen up.  Those ways still work, but in 2020 it's much more efficient to absorb what you learn.  To do this, you have to convince yourself that you are there for a purpose, a reason.  You will want to set yourself up to excel.  There are so many side benefits you are unaware of.  Here is a few you might be interested in knowing exist...


  • The way we behave in the world is affected,

  • Those who play become MASTERFUL at multitasking-

  • Playing piano IMPROVES brain power...

  • Your reaction time increases...

  • You absorb TWICE as much compared to a person who doesn't play. 

  • This is especially great for young adults who want to take up the piano, but don't have enough will power to look past the rocks thrown their way. 

  • Young adults up to college level and beyond, as well as Middle school and Highschool aged, are all within the scope of what Engulfurpassion has in store for the world.  And trust me- the list doesn't stop there.  I have a few videos explaining in detail some of the benefits as well...


Playing the piano has given me an abundance of physical as well as mental benefits- besides discovering that playing has been part of who I was.  Just like you, I was not certain that it was the best decision for me.  But 32 years later, it still seems like I have a long way to go.

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© 2019  Engulf Ur Passion


What a great product you have Mr. Malizia.  Splendid job on hitting the nail on the head.  You have outdone yourself with what passion is.     

Abigail Johnson. Alabama

Beautifully designed and well organized.  I will pass this along to every teacher out there I know.  Very priceless material.  My husband says I can learn a lot from your blogs.  Thank you. Thank you!

Cindy Scott  Oregon

What you did Anthony was create a gateway to the mind.  A very ingenious way to navigate around what works, and what doesn't, and there's nothing else like it.  A book will suit you very well my friend.  

John Turner, CEO