Diamond Shine Piano's

For a diamond shine on your piano, you must first know how to clean it, and how to protect it from the elements that swirl around your house throughout the year.  If that's what you want for your instrument, just give us a call and I can help you achieve the shine you want...

1-203-515-0888...  Near Norwalk, CT, and surrounding areas.

Grand pianos, uprights, keyboards...ask for details and be sure to get on the mailing list to receive a brochure and a business card.


The Importance of a clean piano environment...

     Isn’t it great to get behind that piano and start playing, KNOWING that you can play in the purest form?  That means no crumbs, no spilled drinks, no coffee stains on the keys, and no cans of coke on the floor.  My piano is my office.  I spend countless hours behind there, more than double of hours I work at my day job.  It’s my office, complete with a computer,(laptop) filing cabinets(music stand) office paper(music sheets taped together), and the machine that makes life tick(my piano).  I make my space as clean as I can.  Dust-free, polished, soundboard cleaned and dusted, and the keys as shiny as I can get them.  So, in order to be on top of your game, - you need to get it in tip-top shape.  Clean up when your done, close the lid, keep everything nice and tidy.  This way when you come back, it’s as if you never touched it in the first place.

      Hi there, my name is Anthony Malizia, and I've been in the cleaning business for as long as I can remember.  It's my number 1 need to live in this hectic world.  And that need is to keep my piano as clean and shiny as it was on the showroom floor.  Not only that, but it's the 1 thing that can always keep me in a good mood... Just knowing I can walk over to that bench and the piano be as clean and shiny as it can be.  From grand pianos to uprights, to a vast majority of electronic keyboards, no dirty job is too much for me.  I thrive in those environments because I am so anal to make sure every inch of it is clean.